Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Do you have to turn your brights on at night in order to see? Are your headlights cloudy, hazy, yellowed, or pitted? Dent Shoppe Headlight Restoration has a solution for you! Dent Shoppe headlight repair team will tackle cloudy headlights, and polish headlights as well.

During our 10 plus years servicing the Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, and Folsom areas we have had extensive experience repairing and restoring dull and foggy headlight lenses.headlight restore and repair services

Dent Shoppe’s headlight restoration team offers a detailed and complete¬† headlight restoration service for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and anything with a headlight. We specialize in restoring cloudy, yellowed, hazy, and pitted headlights. We use a patent pending product and specialized process to remove the old oxidized UV coating and apply a new UV protective hardcoat that is as good as OEM. We can also source cost-effective replacement lights when the original cannot be restored.

Benefits to Dent Shoppe Headlight Restoration, Replacement, and Repair Services:

  • Safer Night Driving
  • Improved Visibility
  • New Appearance
  • Quick & Affordable
  • Durable Protection
  • Mobile Service
  • Best Process

    headlight restoration service image, we offer complet headlight repair and replacement services

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