Scratch Repair

Accidents happen and an unsightly scratch can be more than just an eye sore. Scratches reduce the value of your vehicle and open the body to the elements allowing for rust and corrosion. Our affordable scratch repair service will remove your scratch at an affordable price and make the damaged area look like new again. Light scratches may be removed without repainting the surface.  Our technicians are highly trained and can repair almost all scratches and dents.

Scratch repair and removal services for your truck, car, motorcycle, and vehicle For deep scratches, you’ll find a better result by having Dent Shoppe repaint the entire panel. If a scratch or scrape is left alone for a long time without repair, the area could start to rust, which is nearly impossible to stop once it has started. A small scratch, though, should be easy to tackle with the Dent Shoppe car scratch repair team involved.

Let us show you why we have been so successful for the past 12 years of doing business. We attract customers from Lincoln, Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Placerville and more.

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