If you see something, say something

If you see something, say something

In our busy lives, common curtesy can be overlooked. We teach our children to be honest and take responsibility for our actions. Those same values apply if we accidently bump another vehicle.  Since we are an auto repair facility, we see lots of cars with varying degrees of damage.  Many folks are shocked when they find damage to their vehicle with no indication of what happened.

If you bump a car, and the owner is not present, leave a note. If you see someone bump a vehicle, jot down the license plate number and any other description, date and time.  This is considered a hit and run and is against the law.

When you see a car accident, if possible, offer to be a witness.  The difference between being charged with an at fault accident or not can depend on one third party witness.  We have seen customers pay up to a $1000 insurance deductible because there was no witness.  We hope you are never in this situation but when accidents occur, we may not think about providing contact information. If you are in an accident, exchange names, phone numbers and vehicle information. You may not notice the damage until later or determine it was more than you thought to repair.

Being a good citizen is our duty.  If you travel with children, remind them to be careful when opening car doors. Sometimes damage can’t be avoided.  The Dent Shoppe is here to repair damage to vehicles.  Many jobs can be completed while you wait and perhaps at a lower cost than you think.

Feel free to call or stop by during business hours. Photos of damage can also be submitted through our website.

-Sandra Coleman

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