Dent Shoppe Repurposes Metal for Burning Man Project

Dent Shoppe Repurposes Metal for Burning Man Project

The Dent Shoppe was happy to donate used hoods and doors from customers’ repairs for a Burning Man project.  The mutant vehicle, Playacuda, has been part of Burning Man art for many years.  Every year the owners make changes to the vehicle to bring smiles and good times to the temporary utopia that is Burning Man.  This new mutation will accommodate about 14 riders with LED lights and unique detailing.  I got a test ride the other day and it is shaping up nicely.

The project will be completed by a group of Burning Man regulars who are artists with incredible skills and imagination.  We are happy to participate in helping share the vision of our talented friends.  I will include photos of the finished project from the Playa during the event.

Looking forward to fun and adventure with thousands of other socially conscious souls.

Stay tuned,


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