Dent Shoppe Detailing Tips

Dent Shoppe Detailing Tips

Our customers love their cars and want to keep them looking their best. I have found that a
clean car puts me in a better mood.
Here are a few tips that the pros use that we can all take advantage of.

Make sure you are using a good quality car soap that is “wax safe”. Never use dish soap as that
can strip the wax and is not good for your paint. Make sure you use a soft cloth like a diaper.
Make sure there is no grit or anything that might scratch your paint.
Use a trusted brand of wax. Be sure to use lots of water. Clean wheels often to avoid dirt build
up that will be more difficult to remove. Avoid pressure washing wheels which can damage
wheel surfaces.
Vacuum your car regularly to keep dirt from building up. Take care of spills right away with a
product designed for car interiors.

1. Always work in the shade. A pop-up canopy is great. Make sure it is secure so a wind
won’t blow it over.
2. Use cotton swabs to clean dust from vents.
3. Use fine grade clay bars only on dark colors. Clay can cause scuff marks if the grade is
too heavy. When in doubt, leave this to a professional.
4. When applying polish and wax, only do one panel at a time.
5. To get streaks and spots off glass, use water that has gone through a carbon filter like
Brita. Put it in a spray bottle and after you have cleaned with a traditional glass cleaner,
go back over it with the filtered water and a microfiber. Be sure to use glass cleaner
without ammonia, like Glass Plus.

We can always recommend a professional detailer.

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