Cappuccino Cruisers

Cappuccino Cruisers

signsThe Dent Shoppe has been a longtime sponsor of the volunteer organization, the Cappuccino Cruisers.

The Cappuccino Cruisers Classic Car Club/Cruse In was established in 1995 and does not include any membership dues nor are there any club officers.  There are just a lot of friendly people willing to help out when the need arises.  They are a very community oriented group, regularly participating in Orangevale Pow Wow Days, Citrus Heights Red, White& Blue, and Folsom Veteran’s Day parades.  They have been called upon to celebrate grand openings, bridge openings and Folsom carshowDam’s anniversary as well as many other community events.  They are a proud sponsor of the Folsom Zoo, the Folsom Mounted Patrol, and regularly donate to charities including Mercy Hospital of Folsom, and Twin Lakes Food Bank of Folsom.  They also support the Sunrise Park District’s, “Heart for Parks” scholarship programs.


To learn more about this wonderful organization and its events, check out


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